Level 3 Travel and Tourism Students Shine with Creative Event Planning

Recently, our Level 3 Travel and Tourism students showcased their talents and hard work through a series of creative events as part of their mandatory Unit 10: The UK Events and Conferences Industry. For their Learning Outcome 3, they were tasked with developing various event concepts, conducting feasibility analyses, and preparing contingency plans.

Working in groups of six, the students brainstormed unique ideas, meticulously planned each detail, and allocated roles within their teams. The result was a series of engaging and diverse stalls that highlighted their innovative thinking and teamwork.

The stalls included:

  • Hope for Congo – A fundraiser
  • Engagement Party – A themed celebration
  • Mui Thai – Showcasing sport and culture
  • RnB 90s Party – A nostalgic themed event
  • Food Tasting from Around the World – Culinary delights
  • Sweet Slices – A cake tasting and sales stall to generate profit

Here are some thoughts from the students about their experiences:

"Our engagement party theme was very organized. We had great teamwork and made decisions together on how to execute everything. Overall, we’re very happy.” - Viktoria

“The different themes were very interesting and attracted a lot of individuals.” – David

“I was part of the engagement party theme. Many students and teachers came to me for advice. It was fun engaging with everyone.” – Livia

“We got to meet new people in the college that we saw but never really spoke to. It was fun learning outside the classroom.” - Natalia

“I enjoyed engaging with individuals at college and incorporating my customer service skills into our event.” – Adama

The event was a great success, not only fulfilling the curriculum requirements but also providing invaluable practical experience and fostering a sense of community among the students. Congratulations to all our Level 3 Travel and Tourism students for their outstanding effort and creativity!