Maida Vale campus come 4th in the Planet Earth Games

City of Westminster’s Maida Vale Campus participated in the "Planet Earth Games," an innovative educational initiative designed to immerse students in the principles of environmental conservation and sustainability through engaging activities and games. Throughout the program, students explored various thematic areas including Waste Reduction, Conservation, Travel, Energy, Wellbeing, Connecting with Nature, Food, and Shopping.

The journey began with student groups collaborating and tapping into their creativity and digital skills to craft visually compelling posters representing each assigned theme.

The students truly enjoyed the hands-on exploration of themes such as Conservation, where they closely observed the lifecycle of plants from seed to sapling, meticulously documented each stage from germination to the growth of plumule and radicle, culminating in the development of seedlings and saplings.

Students skilfully repurposed discarded plastic bottles into eco-friendly planters, implementing self-irrigation systems to conserve water resources while simultaneously mitigating plastic waste. This hands-on experience not only underscored the importance of biodiversity preservation but also promoted a deep sense of responsibility towards environmental stewardship.

The Wellbeing theme took a holistic approach, with students proposing rejuvenating Qigong sessions for both staff and students. Rooted in ancient Chinese tradition, Qigong offered a harmonious blend of meditation and movement, enhancing cognitive abilities, fostering balance, and alleviating physical discomfort. Through these sessions, students not only nurtured their own well-being but also cultivated a profound appreciation for the interconnectedness between body, mind, and nature.

One of the highlights of the program was the International Vegan Food Taster Day, where students embarked on a culinary journey, exploring vegetarian and vegan cuisines from around the world. By preparing and sharing dishes reflective of their diverse cultural backgrounds, students not only tantalized their taste buds but also sparked meaningful discussions about the nutritional value and sustainability of plant-based diets.

The Maida Vale campus’s "Planet Earth Games" embraced the philosophy of zero waste living as its guiding principle for addressing the theme of waste reduction. They evidenced their creativity and resourcefulness, students devising innovative ways to repurpose discarded materials. Old T-shirts found new life as woven rugs and baskets, breathing fresh utility into what was once deemed obsolete. Waste newspapers underwent a remarkable transformation, emerging as functional basket organizers, while discarded greeting cards and CDs were reincarnated as exquisite gift tags, bookmarks, and festive decorations. This approach not only minimized waste but also instilled in students a profound appreciation for the inherent potential in everyday items, underscoring the transformative power of sustainable practices.

Beyond acquiring theoretical knowledge, students redefined their critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills as they tackled real-world environmental challenges. By actively participating in these activities, students developed a sense of ownership and commitment to safeguarding the planet for future generations. Armed with a deeper understanding of the ecological challenges confronting our world, they emerged as empowered agents of change, equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to champion the cause of environmental preservation.

The college came 4th in the further education category of this year’s nationwide competition. Congratulations to the students and faculty involved.