Students take part in special BBC News interview

Students from City of Westminster College (CWC) were delighted to be given the opportunity to talk about issues facing young people in a wide-ranging BBC News interview.

Reporter Ashley John-Babtiste and the Children’s Commissioner for England, Rachel de Souza, hosted the discussion and asked students questions on topics such as anxiety online and on smartphones, confidence in the police, feeling safe on the streets and also Covid and its impact on their lives.

The students — Melinda Duru, Adeel Zaheen, Jaela Bircham, Adam Kricha, Sara Veneza Ribeiro Marques, Nafisat Temide Olaniekun, Blessed Avarobe and Mehdi Mohammadi Harir — spoke candidly about life in London in 2023 and the challenges it brings.

However, everyone who took part in the programme sent out a message of hope… that young people have the opportunity at CWC to gain the grades and qualifications they require in order to shape their own lives and successful careers.

Rachel de Souza, Children’s Commissioner for England, said: “It was great to speak with students from City of Westminster College on BBC News with Ashley John-Babtiste

“Well done to all of the students who took part and talked about keeping safe, policing and the issues young people face on the streets and online as well as their experience of exams this year and their hopes for the future.”

Stephen Davis, Group Principal and CEO of the United Colleges Group, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed watching our City of Westminster College students speak so openly on BBC News with Rachel de Souza about the safety issues they encounter on a daily basis.

“As a Group, we believe educating is not only about navigating pathways to careers, it’s also key in helping young people learn life skills for their futures.”