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Dear Colleagues


Welcome to this latest version of our regular newsletter.

This is the first newsletter we have produced since the country moved into lockdown in late March and the college closed its campuses for physical delivery.

I know that the last few weeks have been difficult and unsettling for many of you and, whilst I continue to hope that you and your families remain safe and well through this period, I know that a number of you and your families have been self isolating with symptoms with a range of severity, and we tragically lost one of our much valued colleagues, Alan Fitchett, last week.

As I write this introduction I can’t give you any certainty about when our campuses may reopen. We will be guided by the national situation and medical advice as to when the time will be right and what additional precautions we will need to take. We have started some early planning around how we may do this - whenever the time is right - but please be reassured that the continuing safety and well-being of our students and staff will be our paramount focus.

During these times of uncertainty and difficulty I have been hugely impressed by the way that everyone across the Group has pulled together to help ensure that we can continue to deliver digital and online education to all of our students. I am hugely grateful to you all for your work on this, as I know are my colleagues in SLT and our Governors. Early surveys of our students indicate that they feel well prepared for digital learning and feel that they are getting a good service. This is a great testament to what you have already achieved. We will be continuing to survey students and colleagues on a regular basis as well as developing other ways to encourage both the student and staff voice during this period of remote learning.

I know that many of you will have been trying to help your local communities as well, particularly those who are most vulnerable, over the last few weeks. We have been trying to use our facilities to help in any way we can and our offers of help have been taken up at Willesden where the car park is being used for emergency vehicles covering Brent and the wider area, and at Paddington Green where we have run a regular food bank for the local community in partnership with Westminster Council. Thank you to those colleagues who have worked to make this happen, and to all of you other unsung heroes who are helping your communities in any way you can.

Finally, during these tough times, it is good to be able to end with some brighter news. One of our colleagues, Misk Sharif Ali, has been shortlisted by the Pearson National Teaching Awards for the FE Lecturer of the Year award. Misk has done some fantastic work with her students over many years and it is always great when colleagues are recognised this way, which builds on the brilliant work that I know all of you do on a day to day basis. Congratulations to Misk and I hope that she is successful in winning the Award, which is announced later this calendar year.

I hope that all of you, your families and friends continue to stay safe and well.

Best wishes


Misk Sharif-Ali nominated for Pearsons Teaching Award


Working From Home – Staff Survey Results

We sent out a survey monkey to staff to find out how staff are coping with working from home and the results were generally positive. The survey closed on the 6 April and 242 staff responded. Here are the results:

Do you have the tools you need to work from home? 87% said yes

Of the remaining 13%, over half confirmed that they were working with their manager to resolve issues. We are continuing to send equipment to staff who need it and reviewing our IT support based on the feedback we are receiving.

Do you feel the College is communicating well with you during this period? 88% said yes and the remainder made suggestions for improving communication including more face to face communication, more guidance from managers, more team meetings and clearer information. We are currently addressing these suggestions and trying to improve our engagement with staff.

Are you receiving the support you need from the College? 90% said yes

The feedback from the Survey has been invaluable in helping us assess what is working and where we need to improve and we will be sending out another survey in the week starting 4 May.


2020-05-04 Big White Wall

Big White Wall

As a result of feedback from staff around the need for mental health and well-being support, we have signed up to the Big White Wall, a market leading digital mental health and wellbeing service which is now available to all our staff and students. BWW was set up in 2007 and is used widely in healthcare and education to provide 24/7 safe support around mental health conditions. Offering a combined social and clinical service, BWW has a robust clinical structure made up of a highly skilled team of Wall Guides, therapists and a Clinical Director.

The service is a safe space for members to engage anonymously with a wider network of people outside of our organisation who understand what it's like to struggle with mental health. Members can share thoughts and feelings, ask questions and engage in a range of support at any time of the day or night. There are trained clinicians (Wall Guides) monitoring the environment 24/7/365 to ensure compliance and risk management, whilst guiding people in the right direction with remedial support. There are also lots of self-help resources and courses on a wide range of topics from managing stress to improving sleep.

To access BWW, go to and sign up under “organisation” with your staff email address.


HR Support Update

As a result of staff feedback, we have now divided the responsibilities for supporting the various Business Support functions and Faculties across the Group to specific HR Advisers who will act as the first point of contact for the respective managers and staff on any HR matters.

The contact details of your HR Adviser are outlined below:

HR Adviser

Support/ Business Areas 

Arlene  Brathwaite-Pile

Head of HR 


Ext. 7256



Senior Leadership Team

Alpa Patel – HR Adviser

Ext 5532

Strategic Communications (Cross College)

Executive Secretariat (CWC)

Cockpit Theatre

Estates (CWC)

Facilities and Support Services (CWC)

Health & Safety (Cross College)

Technician Services (CWC)


Faculties/Curriculum Areas


Maths (CWC)

English (CWC)

Leisure, Public Services and Health (CWC)

A Level and Science (CWC)

Business and Financial Services (CWC)

Eunice Louison

HR Adviser

Ext. 5252

Executive Secretariat (CNWL)

Stephen Davis's Reportees

Enrolment, Compliance & Exams (Cross College)

Estates and Facilities (CNWL)

Student Data (Cross College)

Finance (Cross College)

Technical Service (CNWL)

IT Services (CWC)

MIS (Cross College)

Faculties/Curriculum Areas

Business Development (Cross College)

Science, Engineering & Construction

Digital Technology, Care and Hair & Beauty (CNWL)

English, Maths and Skills (CNWL)

ESOL/Life Long Learning (Cross Group)

Natalia George

HR Adviser

Ext 2748


Supported Learning (CNWL)

Student Support Services (CNWL)

Student Enterprise Team (CNWL)

Student Advice Enrolment (CNWL)

Learner Services (CWC)

Performance & Quality (Cross College)

Quality & Standards (Cross College)

Quality of Education (Cross College)

Teaching, Learning & Assessment (Cross College)

HE and International (Cross College)

Faculties/Curriculum Areas

SLDD (Maida Vale)

ALS (Paddington)

You can also send any general queries to , where one of the team will respond. We look forward to continue working with you.


International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day was celebrated in great style at CNWL. It started with the masterclass of Yolanda who is an author, teacher, singer and motivational speaker. We were lucky to have her come in to talk to the Women of CNWL. The workshop was based at the Wembley campus and was very well appreciated.


After Yolanda we had the Kilburn Cosmos Women’s Rugby Club, these ladies inspired the students with a great talk and presentation. Kilburn Cosmos RFC played its first games in 1996 on Tiverton Green. Founded by John Tymon, an Irishman with a love for fast moving, running rugby, the club quickly attracted an international player base from around the area.

Kilburn Cosmos Women’s Rugby Club


Skills Show 2020

Skills Show 1

On Wednesday 11th March 2020 CNWL held their annual skills competition. This was an opportunity for UCG students to demonstrate their skills, in the hope to be crowned winners and represent the College at regional and hopefully UK finals that will be held at the NEC Birmingham next year. 


Competition Areas:

· Hair and Beauty

· Health & Social Care

· ICT 

· Computing

· Media

· Science

· Engineering

· Painting and Decorating

· Carpentry

· Electrical

· Plumbing

· Bricklaying

· Plastering

· Plumbing

· Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

The winners from the day are:



Competition AreasFuture StartsAdvanced Practitioners

Health & Social Care





Painting and Decorating






Dry Lining

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Sharene Nyanful

Maria-Loredana Flore

Lackhu Daniel

Divya Redkar

Tase Andallo

Joseph Martins

Tamem Noorahmady

Markus Sokolovskis

Grigor Plasari

Roman Oberleitner

George Wheeler

Kadeem Gutzman

Aaron Buckle

Ilham Mohammed

Batoul Sbat

El Sabag Salah El Din

Karan Jiva

Iman Al-Sibahee

Nicholas Hanley

Pascal Goirre

Goitom Fesshaye

Robert Leonas

Anthony McGee

Robert Connolly

John Hunter

Jay East


Congratulations to all the winning student’s and to everyone who worked hard and participated.



Skills Show 2


Student Challenge

Self-isolating? Stuck at home? Want a challenge?

Our Enrichment Team at CWC has put the students to the challenge! With a lockdown competition to keep you fit, focused and sane.

Students are being encouraged to stay fit and healthy during lockdown. And what better way than getting them to compete with each other.

We want see who can plank it up! Prizes are being given to the student who hold the longest plank.

Prizes will include, winner will receive £20 voucher and the runner up will receive £15.


Student Survey

The College conducted a survey of students following the first week on on-line delivery the survey was open for 3 days We asked 3 questions:


1) Are you ready to work online? 


2) How was your first week of learning online? (5 star rating answer)


3) Is there anything more we can do for you?


A reasonable response was achieved with 900 students from Paddington and Maida Vale and 490 from Willesden, Wembley and Kings Cross. 90% of students from Willesden, Wembley and Kings Cross were ready to work on line and 87% of students studying at Paddington and Maida Vale. Across the group the students rated their first week of learning as 3*. This provides us with a rich source of feedback to improve the student experience, the next survey is due to go out on the 5th of May.


Filming at Paddington Green Campus

The college’s Paddington Green Campus was used as a filming location for the latest BBC series Devs. 

‘The future is fixed. Everything is determine. When her partner doesn’t return from a secretive tech firm, Lily uncovers a conspiracy that could change the world. What is Devs?’

In episode 1, around 6 minutes into the episode one of the 5th floor glass pods is featured. The crew also used the canteen, 3rd floor rooms and 5th floor rooms during their filming on site which you may be able to spot later in the series.

2020-05-04 Devs Filming


Westminster Connects

Westminster Connects

Westminster Connects is an initiative led by Westminster City Council with the main aim to help vulnerable residents during the difficult pandemic period. They are working with UCG and using our Paddington Green Campus as a distribution hub to support our local community. Residents call a helpline to place an order, their dedicated team records their shopping list and sends it to the hub (PGC). Volunteers then go to the supermarkets on behalf of those residents, do their shopping and then another team of volunteers delivers the orders to the addresses. 


Why is it happening? 

Westminster connects focuses on those most vulnerable and supports them by delivering their grocery shopping requests and providing reassurance that we are in a position to support them. 


Who started this? 

Westminster City Council


Who is involved and why? 

Westminster City Council employees and volunteers who have signed up to support the project. There are over 3000 volunteers who had signed up already and majority are also Westminster residents. The fact that most volunteers are residents is amazing because brings the community together; they are all linked by the idea that they want to help others. 


Who does it benefit? 

All vulnerable residents in Westminster. From elderly people to single parents and disabled people. 


What are the next steps or plans for the future? 

With the increased shopping demands we aim to fulfil all requests and we have also started a prescription service which will help residents receive their medical prescriptions on time.


CNWL take over the Association of Hairdressing & Therapists Finals at Blackpool

CNWL Hair & Beauty students were very proud as they attended and took part in National Finals of the AHT (Association of Hairdressing and Therapist) held in Blackpool in March 2020. 

We are extremely proud of our students and the hard work they have put in to the competitions, in some cases securing 1st and 2nd places. 

The department are excited and very proud of all the students that took part in this competition. All students have put in months of hard work and commitment, which finally paid off.

Securing places in the finals of such award have given the students the boost and confidence they needed to carry on and prosper.

The winners are: 


Team Bridal
Securing 1st & 2nd place TEAM CNWL – category Bridal 



Afro hair
Securing 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in category – Afro Hair
Securing 2nd & 3rd places in category – Barbering 



Ladies Evening
Securing 4th place in category – Ladies Evening


The Cockpit
Things are changing.
And the plan at the Cockpit Theatre is to change with them as they evolve.

The plan is to bring you live, accessible, interactive content that you can enjoy and engage with. Expect performances, Q&As, takeovers, classes, readings and good old fashioned chats. 
Click the image above to see what's coming up.